Counselor’s Corner

Welcome to our school’s Social Emotional and Learning Support website!

Let’s start with a quick check-in…

How do you feel? 

Studies show that the act of naming our emotions decreases their intensity and allows us to respond better by activating the more rational part of our brain. In other words, when we can identify our emotions, we can be in greater control of them.

How big do you feel it? 

When we are feeling any emotion intensely, it is difficult to learn and connect with others. For that reason, it is important for students to be able to identify the intensity of their emotion and communicate it to others if needed. If the emotion is small, we encourage kids to work through the discomfort with coping skills. If the emotion is really big, children may need support from trusted adults to regulate.   

Now, what do you need?

Communicate your feelings with others

Once we identify how we are feeling and how big we are feeling it, we can communicate more clearly with others and get the help we need.

“I feel _____. 

I need ________.”


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