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Students holding certificates at the Biliteracy Award Ceremony.


Round 1 of School Choice for the 2024-2025 school year runs from 10am on January 11 through 4pm on February 12th. Learn more and enroll at https://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org/

ECE School Choice

This year, families will use the DPS School Choice application to apply for ECE. This is a change from last year where families applied to both UPK Colorado and DPS School Choice. We strongly encourage families to submit their ECE application during Round 1, as this will offer them the best chance of obtaining a seat at their desired preschool program. After Round 1, the DPS Enrollment Services and Early Education teams will reach out to families to provide the next steps for completing an application for funding support through UPK. 


After being accepted through the choice process, you will need to register your student(s) through Parent Portal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should boundary/Enrollment parents to know about the school?

Parents should know that McMeen has a longstanding reputation as a traditional elementary school with a diverse student and teacher population. We set the bar high for student engagement, excellence in instructional strategies and social emotional well being of our students.  

What makes McMeen unique?  

McMeen is unique because we are a neighborhood school that serves a very diverse population. We have a wide variety of languages spoken by students and families at our school. As a result of this, we have developed programming that supports students in both Arabic and Spanish. To do this, we provide native-language tutors in Arabic and English as a Second Language interventions for students. We have also implemented a dual-language strand with instruction in both Spanish and English.  We are the only school that offers a dual language program in the Southeast.

This level of support extends beyond language to support students with both academics and social-emotional needs. In terms of academics, we provide a wide variety of programming that supports specific student needs including SpEd, Intervention, and Gifted and Talented. To support students’ social-emotional needs, we have employed a very large team of people. This includes a full-time Counselor, Social Worker, and two full-time Behavior Support Specialists.

What is the school’s main focus? How does that show up in the classroom?

McMeen’s primary focus is on providing high-quality and rigorous instruction for all students. This means an intense focus on determining student needs and supporting students where they are at academically, linguistically, and/or socially-emotionally. In the classroom, you will see students constantly engaging in rigorous lessons, conversations, small group instruction, and differentiation. Additionally, students are constantly working together to practice social and problem-solving skills.


Reach out to mcmeen_elementary@dpsk12.net with any questions you have.

You can also visit the DPS School Choice page at https://schoolchoice.dpsk12.org