Community Garden

Welcome to the McMeen Elementary Community Garden Page!

Congratulations MECG for being the Featured Learning Garden in the Kitchen Community (Web Blog). The following article was posted: Featured Learning Gardens .

Although McMeen Elementary School’s Garden was installed and planted the beginning of June after many gardens were already thriving, they dug right into the garden and their hard work shows! After several classes of elementary students filled the beds with soil and then planted them, the Garden Team enthusiastically took on the responsibility of watering and caring for the garden during the summer. It shows!
The Students who planted the garden will be welcomed back to school this month to see eight foot tall sunflowers of every color beaming down at them, and an abundance of Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Squashes, Eggplants and Herbs. On top of involving students in the garden this fall, the food will be served in McMeen Elementary School’s cafeteria in Denver’s Garden to Cafeteria Program . The garden space will be enhanced through the community garden established by Denver Urban Gardens which will open next season.
With such an impressive and bountiful garden to welcome the students and staff the Garden Team is looking to integrate the garden further into the school’s culture and to involve educational programs for the students this fall. Check out our Featured Gardens Blog for Photos!